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Cheetwood choir has been very busy indeed in November!

On Sunday 18th November, the choir performed in the world premiere “These Days – The Manchester Peace Song Cycle” at Heaton Hall and then took part in a repeat of the performance at the Royal Northern College of Music on Wednesday 21st November to a packed concert hall. The pupils in the choir were outstanding, both in their musical performance and behaviour and should be given huge praise and congratulations.

“These Days” is a modern classical song cycle, fusing music, poetry and drama, created in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. The choir sang two songs in the performance: Heaton Park! and Muddy Puddles. The words for both songs were especially written for the choir by the acclaimed Manchester poet Tony Walsh, who was at both performances and met the pupils.

It has been wonderful for the choir to be part of such a unique musical experience and to focus on the more creative and performance aspects of their education and development.

Cheetwood School is very proud to be part of an extremely diverse community which is reflected in the extensive range of cultures, faiths and languages represented in the school. This diversity is therefore reflected in our choir and their performance demonstrated how the harmonious joining of so many groups can promote peace and unity, which is such an important message as we commemorate the 100 years since the end of WW1. As a primary school with community at its heart, it also brings an extra dimension to our involvement that “These Days – The Manchester Peace Song Cycle” has been gifted to the community.    

Mrs Oxton would like to pass on huge thanks to the parents/carers of the choir for their co-operation and support in the rehearsals and performances, getting the pupils to and from school on time and also coming to see us perform. This support definitely contributed to the success of the whole experience.



Photo credit: Ian Howarth for Feelgood Theatre,

These Days – The Manchester Peace Song Cycle.

November 2018 


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Infront of Heaton Hall

You can even ride the lions, if you dare, if you dare!

Go Cheetwood Choir!

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