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Monday 1 June 2020

Update for Parents/Carers from Mrs Oxton, Headteacher




Lockdown measures are continuing to ease across the UK.

The government remains resolute that schools were to reopen from Monday 1 June to welcome back pupils in nursery, reception, Y1 and Y6.

That may be the government’s aim, but my priority remains ensuring that Cheetwood Primary School is as safe as possible before children and staff can return.

For this reason, nothing has changed since my last website update, Cheetwood Primary School, for the moment, remains closed to all pupils.


I have begun to carry out risk assessments and make some decisions about the possibility of school reopening and this important task is ongoing.

If and when I finally decide that all the information I have scrutinised is showing me that the risk of returning to school is reduced to a safe level, then I will consider reopening the school. I will take a very cautious, gradual and phased approach to ensure all the necessary protective measures and strict safeguards can be put in place.


I have already informed parents/carers that it will not be possible for school to welcome back all children in the way the Prime Minister described.

When I decide it is safe enough to reopen, I am going to start with Y6 – and this decision remains unchanged.

I have now written to each Y6 parent and they should have received their letter. The letters have been sent by post, so if any Y6 parent has not received such a letter please contact the school by telephoning 0161 834 2104 and a copy can be emailed to you.

This letter gives the Y6 parents more information about the necessary protective measures and strict safeguards that will be in place once school reopens. School will be very different from what it is normally like. I have given Y6 parents this information so they can decide if they want to send their child back to school, or not.

Inspite of all the protective measures that I will ensure are in place, some parents may still decide they think it is not safe enough yet to send their child back to school. Ultimately it will be a parental decision and no parent will be penalised if they choose to keep their child at home.


As further risk assessments are carried out and more decisions are made about the arrangements to reopen Cheetwood Primary School, I will keep all parents/carers updated.


As I move forward with this, I hope that you continue to trust and have confidence in me that I will do what is safe and right for the whole school community – staff, parents/carers and their children.




All school staff have now returned to work after having a well deserved week’s holiday last week. This means ‘full service’ is resumed with weekly welfare calls and support with home learning. If you need to contact your child’s teacher please do so using the class email address. Home learning activities will be refreshed at the end of this week and you will be sent this information in due course.

For general enquiries and any questions you have about school reopening, you can also continue to contact us by emailing admin@cheetwood.manchester.sch.uk  as this email address is checked daily.