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Monday 14 September 2020

Update for Parents/Carers from Mrs Oxton, Headteacher 




Thank you to every parent for having trust and confidence in us and for returning your child(ren) back to school.

I am also grateful for your patience with our new procedures and thank you for your co-operation with the arrangements.

I have removed the information on our safety measures and new procedures to make way for this update, but a copy of the information can be found by clicking the link below, should you need to refer to it again in the future:


The School’s Response to COVID-19 Our Safety Measures and Procedures


In particular however, I would still like to remind parents of the following:


We are trying to limit the numbers of people on the school grounds at any one time, this allows for better spacing and social distancing, therefore:


  • If you have children in more than one class, please pick up the very youngest first


  • Please do not collect Y5 or Y6 children from Derby Street and then come back on the site with them to pick up younger children, it is safe for Y5 and Y6 pupils to wait for you on Derby Street, there are staff purposely out there every afternoon watching the older pupils, so you can pick up your youngest first


  • Only ONE adult/parent should pick up please, as this also helps to limit numbers on the school grounds, please do not bring other family members or friends onto the school site with you


Because pupils are not mixing with those in other class bubbles at the moment, we kindly request at this time that parents do not pick up children from other families


If another member of your family drops off/picks up your child(ren) please tell them what the arrangements are, so they know what to do/what not to do and where to go


Please adhere to 2m social distancing at all times on the school grounds but also outside on the pavements when queuing to get into school.

I have had to remind different parents of this government requirement every day! We should all be used to it by now and understandably it makes staff and other parents anxious when they can see some of you walking or gathering together.



Normally at this time of year, we hold meetings for parents to come into school and meet their child’s teacher together with all the other parents in the class.

For obvious reasons, these whole class collective meetings cannot happen at the moment, so instead, each teacher has prepared a power point for you covering all the essential information they would have shared with you during the meeting:

All About EYFS September 2020

All About Y1 September 2020

All About Y2 September 2020

All About Y3 September 2020

All About Y4 September 2020

All About Y5 September 2020

All About Y6 September 2020


Working in partnership with parents/carers is very important to us. When school and home work together, outcomes for our pupils are always so much more positive.

Teachers are therefore going to hold individual meetings with every parent next week so they can talk to you about how your child has settled back into school and what the priorities are for getting your child back on track with their learning and development.


This week, therefore, you will receive a phone call from the school to set up the 1-1 meeting with you and to explain the arrangements, so that everyone is kept as safe as possible when you come onto the school site.


We hope you find your meeting useful. It will be a good opportunity to meet your child’s teacher in person and to ask any questions you may have.