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Friday 3 July 2020

Update for Parents/Carers from Mrs Oxton, Headteacher


It has been some time since I posted an update to the website, so here is a summary of what has been happening at Cheetwood Primary School and some information about future plans.

In my last website update in the middle of June, I explained that much assessment, planning and preparation had been taking place in school behind the scenes. Myself and other key staff redesigned and reorganised the school environment and put in place lots of extra protective measures so that we were confident it would be as safe as possible for pupils to return. The governing body approved the risk assessments and on Tuesday 16 June we re-opened and welcomed back a group of Y6 pupils. Since then, this week, another group of Y6 pupils has also returned. This return of Y6 pupils has been hugely successful, not only because of all the thought and planning that went on before they actually came back, but also because it has provided us with the opportunity to give them a proper ending to their time in primary school and prepare them for their transition to high school.

After much discussion with the chair of governors and other members of the school leadership team, I am now announcing that no further pupils from any other year groups will return to Cheetwood before the end of the school year.

It is very sad and disappointing that we won’t be able to see any other pupils, but instead, as we enter the last two weeks of the summer term, we are now going to turn our full attention to preparing and planning thoroughly for school re-opening in September. I hope you agree this will be time well spent ensuring the start of the new school year will be the best it possibly can be for all our children.

Yesterday the government published guidance on what it wants schools to do when they re-open in the new school year. Above all, it is the government’s plan that all children, in all year groups, will return to school full time from the beginning of the autumn term AND I SUPPORT THIS.

By September, the majority of our children will have been out of school for over 5 months, we need to start to get their learning, as well as their social and emotional development and their mental well-being, where needed, back on track. Some parents will be pleased to see that the expectation is that all children will be returning in September, but others will still feel apprehensive. I very much understand this, but the start of the new school year is still 2 months away – we will be ready for it!

The government’s guidance was only published yesterday afternoon and I need time to read this thoroughly. Again, there will be much planning and preparation to do, as coming back to school after the holiday will still look a little bit different than it normally would. Safety still has to come first, but I would like to reassure you that, when school does re-open for all children in September, we shall support each and every one of them in any way they need and they will be kept safe.

What I can confirm for you right now, is which teachers and teaching assistants will be teaching which classes in September!

Nursery                       Miss Gemma (Cleary), supported by Miss Sofia (Arif) and Mr Lie (Drameh)

Reception                   Miss Clair (Walklett), supported by Miss Lindsey (Tomlinson)

Year 1                          Mrs Badar, supported by Mrs Ahmed

Year 2                          Mrs Green, supported by Mrs Beaumont and Miss Davis

Year 3                          Miss Jamil, supported by Miss Fleet and Mrs Manjothi

Year 4                          Mr Hardy, supported by Mrs Rogerson

Year 5                          Miss Hutchinson, supported by Miss Adil and Miss Davis

Year 6                          Ms Khan, supported by Mrs Chan

You might notice that every teacher is staying in the same year group as the one they have taught this year. Most teaching assistants are staying in the same place too, apart from a few small changes.

We welcome back Mrs Gemma Cleary from maternity leave very soon (and she will go into nursery to teach, as above) but as a result, we will be sad to see Miss Sarah Brown leave us at the end of the term – although the good news is, that Miss Sarah has already secured a new job in London for September!

Mr Nordon, Miss Fisher and Mrs Spooner will continue to support pupils’ physical, emotional, social and language needs in the new school year.

Over the next two weeks I will provide parents with more information and specific arrangements about school reopening fully in September via this home page on the website. You will be notified by text when any updates are posted.


Even though school now has Y6 pupils attending, the majority of pupils are still at home, so for this reason, we will continue to support with home learning activities at regular intervals and will continue to telephone those children to speak to them and to see how they are doing, in the same way we always have. This will continue right up to the last day of the school year – Friday 17 July.



Look out for your child’s end of year report – parents will receive their child’s individual progress report by email at the end of the day on Wednesday 8 July.

If you need to contact your child’s teacher please do so using the class email address. The final set of home learning activities will be refreshed on Friday 10 July and will contain activities to keep your child occupied right through the summer, if you so choose.

For general enquiries and any questions you may have about anything, you can also continue to contact us by emailing admin@cheetwood.manchester.sch.uk  as this email address is checked daily.


I hope everyone in our school community is continuing to remain safe and well. I send you all my best wishes.